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Terrestrial Invertebrates of BIOT 21_03_2018 dataset
Species list of known fish species in Chagos dataset
Molecular biogeography of the coral-dwelling snapping shrimp _Alpheus lottini_ (Decapoda: Caridea: Alpheidae) dataset
Plant distribution across 59 islands in Chagos over 21 years dataset
Census of breeding seabirds in the Chagos Archipelago dataset
Fish community surveys at 10 sites in Peros Banhos Atoll, Salomon Atoll, Eagle Island, and Three Brothers Atolls dataset
Weather records from Diego Garcia from 1973 to 1997 from the National Climatic Data Center, USA. dataset
Benthic community composition for 7 sites dataset
Species list for Cryptogamic flora of the Chagos Archipelago dataset
Identity and abundance of soft corals (Alcyonacea: Octocorallia) from shallow waters in Chagos. dataset
Contaminant levels and molecular organic markers in the coastal environment of the Chagos Archipelago dataset
Broadscale coastal environmental assessment scores for Chagos dataset
Preliminary faunal reference list of benthic foraminifera for Chagos dataset
Population and available suitable habitat estimates for green turtles (Chelonia mydas) and hawksbills turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) in the Chagos Archipelago. dataset
Sex steroid concentration in immature hawksbill turtles in the Chagos Archipelago dataset
Distribution of mtDNA variants in the Indian Ocean (including Chagos) dataset
Commercial fisheries catch and effort data dataset
Macroalgae distribution and species list for Salomon, Peros Banhos and The Great Chagos Bank Atolls. dataset
Holothurian (sea-cucumber) survey dataset
Concentration of anthropogenic contaminants or natural elements in enhanced concentrations in surface sediments, selected macrobenthic invertebrates, coral-fish species and birds and bird’s eggs dataset
Estimates of reef and island age for the Chagos islands based on isotopic dating of fossil dataset
Substrate area estimates at different depths for the Chagos Archipelago dataset
Distibution of Macrolepidoptera (moths) across Chagos from observations from the 1996 expedition and previous expeditions dataset
Insect species checklist for the Chagos Archipelago (with notes on other terrestrial fauna) dataset
Diver shark sightings in Chagos 1975-1996 dataset
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Terrestrial Invertebrates of BIOT 21_03_2018

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