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Raptolaophonte-Ardua new genus new species Copepoda Harpacticoida Laophontidae from the Meiobenthos of the Chagos Islands Indian Ocean Cottarelli Vezio , Forniz C .
Rainfall on Indian Ocean coral islands Stoddart David .
Pycnocaris-Chagoae new genus new species a new shrimp from the Chagos Archipelago Decapoda Natantia Gnathophyllidae Bruce A .
Psocoptera From Aldabra And Chagos Archipelago New T .
Predicted recurrences of mass coral mortality in the Indian Ocean Sheppard Charles .
Predictability of reef fish diversity and abundance using remote sensing data in Diego Garcia (Chagos Archipelago) Purkis Sam , Graham Nicholas , Riegl Bernhard .
Pre- and post-1998 ENSO records of shallow-water octocorals (Alcyonacea) in the Chagos Archipelago Schleyer Michael , Benayahu Y .
Potential benefits to fisheries and biodiversity of the Chagos Archipelago/British Indian Ocean Territory as a no-take marine reserve Koldewey Heather , Curnick David , Harding Simon , Harrison Lucy , Gollock Matthew .
Population genetic structure and developmental migrations of sea turtles in the Chagos Archipelago and adjacent regions inferred from mtDNA sequence variation. Mortimer Jeanne , Broderick A .
Plants of Chagos Topp John , Seaward Mark .
Phylogenetic relationships of the Indo-Pacific coral gobies of the genus Gobiodon (Teleostei: Gobiidae), based on morphological and molecular data Harold A , Winterbottom Richard , Munday P , Chapman R .
Petrogenesis of ferromanganese nodules from east of the Chagos Archipelago, Central Indian Basin, Indian Ocean Banerjee R , Roy S , Dasgupta S , Mukhopadhyay R , Miura H .
Partial recovery of sharks in the Chagos Archipelago Spalding Mark .
Paired coral Sr/Ca and delta O-18 records from the Chagos Archipelago: Late twentieth century warming affects rainfall variability in the tropical Indian Ocean Pfeiffer M , Timm O , Dullo W , Garbe-Schoenberg D .
Origin and compensation of Chagos Laccadive Ridge, Indian-Ocean, from admittance analysis of gravity and bathymetry data Ashalatha B , Subrahmanyam C , Singh R .
Opisthobranch molluscs from the Chagos archipelago, central Indian Ocean Yonow Nathalie , Anderson Charles , Buttress Susan .
On the taxonomic status of Trapezia rufopunctata (Herbst) and Trapezia flavopunctata Eydoux Souleyet (Decapoda, Brachyura) Galil B , Lewinsohn C .
On the island of Diego Garcia of the Chagos Group Bourne G .
Odonata observations on the Chagos Archipelago, British Indian Ocean Territory: A review and update Barnett L , Emms C .
Observations on the birds of Diego-Garcia Chagos Archipelago with notes on other vertebrates Hutson A .
Observations on islands in the Indian Ocean Bourne W .
Nutrient concentrations and primary productivity at the Peros Banhos and Salomon Atolls in the Chagos-Archipelago Rayner R , Drew E .
Notes on sea bird reports received 1958-1959 Bourne W .
Not all larvae stay close to home: insights into marine population connectivity with a focus on the Brown Surgeonfish (Acanthurus nigrofuscus) Eble J , Rocha L , Craig M , Bowen B .
Nonstationary ENSO-precipitation teleconnection over the equatorial Indian Ocean documented in a coral from the Chagos Archipelago Timm O , Pfeiffer M , Dullo W .
No. XI.-Flora of the Chagos Archipelago Willis J , Gardiner Stanley .
Negligible risks to corals from antifouling booster biocides and triazine herbicides in coastal waters of the Chagos Archipelago Guitart C , Frickers T , Price Andrew , Readman J , Sheppard Anne .
Negligible recovery in Chagos holothurians (sea cucumbers) Price Andrew , Evans L , Rowlands N , Hawkins J .
Natural history of the coral reef Sheppard Charles .
Mosquitoes of the Chagos Archipelago, Indian Ocean. Lambrecht F , Van Someren E .
More a safe haven than a fortress Gammell Alistair .
Microhabitats, abundance and food of Conus on atoll reefs in the Maldive and Chagos Islands Kohn A .
Microbacterium indicum sp nov., isolated from a deep-sea sediment sample from the Chagos Trench, Indian Ocean Shivaji Sisinthy , Bhadra B , Rao R , Chaturvedi P , Pindi P , Raghukumar Chandralata .
Meiobenthic Tegastidae from Salomon Atoll Chagos Islands, Indian Ocean arawella alexandri new genus new species crustacea copepoda harpacticoida Cottarelli Vezio , Baldari Fabiola .
Marine protected areas’ off UK overseas territories: comparing the South Orkneys Shelf and the Chagos Archipelago Sand Peter .
Marine protected areas and pelagic fishing: The case of the Chagos Archipelago Sheppard Charles .
Marine conservation in the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT): science issues and opportunities. Report of workshop held 5-6 August 2009 at National Oceanography Centre Southampton, supported by th Williamson P , Billett D , Laffoley D , Parson L , Sheppard Charles .
Marine Biological Survey at United States Navy Support Facility, Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean TerritoryAugust 2005 Deslarzes K , Evans L , Smith S .
Localized rifting at Chagos Bank in the India-Capricorn plate boundary zone Henstock T , Minshull T .
Letters: Fishing Chagos Richmond Matthew .
Late Quaternary sea-level highstands in the central and eastern Indian Ocean: A review Woodroffe Colin .
Larger foraminifera from the Chagos Archipelago - their significance for Indian-Ocean biogeography Murray J .
Large temperature plunges recorded by data loggers at different depths on an Indian Ocean atoll: comparison with satellite data and relevance to coral refuges Sheppard Charles .
Isolation and characteristics of 10 microsatellite markers from the endangered coconut crab (Birgus latro) Gan Chai-Hsia , Tee See-Min , Tang Pei-Ciao , Yang Jay , Freire Francis , McGowan Andrew , Narriman Jiddawi , Mohammed Mohammed , Hsieh Hwey-Lian , Chen Chang-po , Sheppard Charles , Chen Chaolun .
Island profiles, coral death, erosion and sea level rise in Chagos Sheppard Charles .
Island elevations, reef condition and sea level rise in atolls of Chagos, British Indian Ocean Territory Sheppard Charles .
Interspecific aggression between reef corals with reference to their distribution. Sheppard Charles .
Installation of new stations in the hydroacoustic monitoring network for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty Galindo M , Newton J .
Indo-Pacific population structure and evolutionary history of the coconut crab (Birgus latro) Lavery S , Moritz C , Fielder D .
Indo-Pacific molecular biogeography of the coral-dwelling snapping shrimp Alphes lottini Decapoda: Caridea: Alpheidae Williams S , Knowlton Nancy , Weight L .

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