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Convention on biological diversity and the UK overseas territories Cross S , Pienkowski M .
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Confronting climate change in the Indian Ocean: a look at coral reefs and nesting beaches Mortimer Jeanne , Sheppard Charles .
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Comment on the Little Green Heron of the Chagos Archipelago Indian Ocean Butorides-Striatus-Javanicus Butorides-Striatus-Albolimbatus validity Ripley S .
Climate warming, marine protected areas and the ocean-scale integrity of coral reef ecosystems Graham Nicholas , McClanahan Timothy , MacNeil M , Wilson Shaun , Polunin Nicholas , Jennings Simon , Chabanet Pascale , Clark Susan , Spalding Mark , Letourneur Yves , Bigot Lionel , Galzin Ren_ , Ahman Marcus , Garpe Kajsa , Edwards Alasdair , Sheppard Charles .
CIRENE Air-Sea Interactions in the Seychelles-Chagos Thermocline Ridge Region Vialard V , Duvel J , McPhaden M , Bouruet-Aubertot P , Ward B , Key E , Bourras D , Weller R , Minnett P , Weill A , Cassou C , Eymard L , Fristedt T , Basdevant C , Dandonneau Y , Duteil O , Izumo T , De Boyer Montegut C , Masson S , Marsac F , Menkes C , Kennan S .
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Changes in coral cover on reefs of Chagos over eighteen years Sheppard Charles .
Chagos: The 1978/79 Expedition. London: MOD. Griffiths J .
Chagos islands Sheppard Charles .
Chagos feels the pinch: assessment of holothurian (sea cucumber) abundance, illegal harvesting and conservation prospects in British Indian Ocean Territory Price Andrew , Harris Alasdair , McGowan Andrew , Venkatachalam Alicia , Sheppard Charles .
Chagos Conservation Management Plan Sheppard Charles , Spalding Mark .
Chagos Archipelago: A case study in rapid reef recovery. Sheppard Charles .
Butterfly observations on the Chagos Archipelago: A review and update Barnett L , Emms C .
Buried in time: culturable fungi in a deep-sea sediment core from the Chagos Trench, Indian Ocean Raghukumar Chandralata , Raghukumar Seshagiri , Sheelu G , Gupta S , Nath B , Rao B .
Bucket structure in carbonate accumulations of the Maldive, Chagos and Laccadive archipelagos Schlager W , Purkis Sam .
Bryophyte flora of the Chagos Archipelago Seaward Mark , Ellis L , Pocs T , Wigginton M .
Broadscale coastal environmental assessments of the Chagos Archipelago Price Andrew .
British Indian Ocean Territory Fisheries Conservation and Management Zone. The inshore fishery in 1998, with summary details of the recreational fishery of Diego Garcia. FCO. BIOT Administration. Mari Mees C , King A , Pilling G , Barry C .
British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago): our global opportunity Sheppard Charles .
British Indian Ocean Territory Oldfield S .
British Indian Ocean Territory Spalding Mark , Raviolious C , Green E .
Brevibacterium oceani sp nov., isolated from deep-sea sediment of the Chagos Trench, Indian Ocean Bhadra B , Raghukumar Chandralata , Pindi P , Shivaji Sisinthy .
Breeding seabirds of the Chagos Archipelago Symens Peter .
Botanical survey of Diego Garcia, Chagos Archipelago, British Indian Ocean Territory Whistler W .
Bleaching damage and recovery potential of Maldivian coral reefs McClanahan Timothy .
Birds seen at sea and on an island in the Cargados Carajos Shoals Pocklington R , Willis P , Palmieri M .
Birds On Chagos Bank Bourne W , Nelson J .
Birds On Chagos Bank Jackson W .
Birds On Chagos Bank Hirons M , Bellamy David , Sheppard Charles .
Biodiversity patterns in Indian Ocean corals, and effects of taxonomic error in data Sheppard Charles .
Biodiversity patterns in Chagos reef fishes Spalding Mark .
Bhargavaea cecembensis gen. nov., s. nov., isolated from the Chagos-Laccadive ridge system in the Indian Ocean Manorama R , Pindi P , Reddy G , Shivaji Sisinthy .
Basinal seamounts and seamount chains of the Central Indian Ocean: probable near-axis origin from a fast-spreading ridge Mukhopadhyay R , Batiza R .
Background mortality rates for recovering populations of Acropora cytherea in the Chagos Archipelago, central Indian Ocean Pratchett Morgan , Pisapia C , Sheppard Charles .
Azimuthal dependence of hydroacoustic blockage at Diego Garcia and implications for discrimination: Army Space and Missile Defense Command Pulli J , Upton Z .
Atoll Rim Expansion or Erosion in Diego Garcia Atoll, Indian Ocean? Comment on Hamylton, S.; East, H. A Geospatial Appraisal of Ecological and Geomorphic Change on Diego Garcia Atoll, Chagos Islands ( Sheppard Charles .
Atmosphere-oceandynamics in the Western Indian Ocean recorded in corals Zinke J , Pfeiffer M , Timm O , Dullo W , Davies G .
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Aspects of the oceanography of two mid Indian Ocean coral atolls Rayner R .
Areas substrate at different depths in the Chagos Archipelago Dumbraveanu D , Sheppard Charles .
Are infestations of Cymo melanodactylus killing Acropora cytherea in the Chagos archipelago? Pratchett Morgan , Graham Nicholas , Sheppard Charles , Mayes B .

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