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Herpetofaunal observations on Eagle Island, Middle Brother, North Brother and Diego Garcia, with an overview of previous records in the Chagos Archipelago Cole N .
Marine turtles in the western Indian Ocean Frazier J .
A study of the taxonomy and distribution of hermatypic corals of the chagos archipelago, Indian Ocean
The Birds of the Chagos Group Indian Ocean Bourne W .
Geography and Ecology of Diego Garcia Atoll, Chagos Archipelago Stoddart David , Taylor J .
Notes on Indian Ocean atolls visited by the Yale Seychelles Expedition Kohn A .
Report on a Visit to the Chagos Archipelago Wiehe P .
Scientific reports / John Murray Expedition 1933-34
The John Murray Expedition to the Arabian Sea
The Percy Sladen Expedition in HMS Sealark. The Chagos Archipelago Gardiner Stanley .
The atoll of Diego Garcia and the coral formations of the Indian Ocean Bourne G .
Coral Formations 37 Bourne G .
Coral Formations Bourne G .
Remarks and Observations in a Survey of the Chagos Archipelago
We are the true guardians of the environment’: human-environment relations and debates about the future of the Chagos Archipelago Jeffery L .
Variability of the Intertropical Convergence Zone recorded in coral isotopic records from the central Indian Ocean (Chagos Archipelago) Pfeiffer M , Dullo W , Eisenhauer A .
Utility of the Hadley Centre sea-ice and sea surface temperature data (HadISST1) in two widely contrasting coral reef areas Sheppard Charles , Rayner Nick .
Untitled Moresby R .
Two new gobiid fish species (in Priolepis and Trimma) from the Chagos Archipelago, Central Indian Ocean Winterbottom Richard .
To Build a Link - The Seabees at Diego Garcia Urish D .
Three monthly coral Sr/Ca records from the Chagos Archipelago covering the period of 1950-1995 AD: reproducibility and implications for quantitative reconstructions of sea surface temperature variatio Pfeiffer M , Dullo W , Zinke J , Garbe-Schoenberg D .
The visit of RFA Reliant to the Chagos Archipelago Curtis W .
The tidal regimes of three Indian Ocean atolls and some ecological implications Pugh D , Rayner R .
The Surveys of the Indian Navy Moresby R , Elwon T .
The subtidal distribution of macroalgae on the coral reefs of the Chagos Archipelago: a preliminary study Jolliffe A , Basson P .
The status of commercially important reef fishes of the Chagos Archipelago Spalding Mark .
The Shoals of Capricorn Ommanney F .
The sensitivity of the Seychelles-Chagos thermocline ridge to large-scale wind anomalies Hermes J , Reason C .
The Sea Shores of Chagos Sheppard Charles .
The reefs of the Western Ocean. I. Chagos Archipelago; II. The Mascarene Region Gardiner Stanley .
The reef and soft-substrate coral fauna of Chagos, Indian-Ocean Sheppard Charles .
The moths of the Chagos Archipelago with notes on their biogeography Barnett L , Emms C , Holloway J .
The Molluscan Fauna Of Chagos (Indian-Ocean) And An Analysis Of Its Broad Distribution Patterns Sheppard Anne .
The management and conservation of renewable marine resources in the South Asian Seas region
The management and conservation of renewable marine resources in the Indian Ocean region: overview. UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies, 60: 78pp.
The lichen flora of the Chagos Archipelago, including comparison with other island and coastal tropical floras. Seaward Mark .
The insects of the Chagos Archipelago Barnett L , Emms C .
The herpetology of the Chagos Archipelago Dutton R .
The groove and spur structures of Chagos Atolls and their coral zonation Sheppard Charles .
The goldrim surgeonfish (Acanthurus nigricans; Acanthuridae) from Diego Garcia, Chagos Archipelago: First record for the central Indian Ocean Craig M .
The global distribution of seamounts based on 30 arc seconds bathymetry data Yesson Chris , Clark Malcolm , Taylor Michelle , Rogers Alex .
The genus-area relation of corals on reefs of the Chagos Archipelago, Indian Ocean. PhD dissertation Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore Maryland USA Salm Rodney .
The Deccan-Reunion hotspot history: hotspot-ridge interaction for the last 60 Ma Dyment J .
The creation of the chagos marine protected area: a fisheries perspective. Dunne Richard , Polunin Nicholas , Sand Peter , Johnson M .
The coral fauna of the Chagos Archipelago Dinesan Z .
The coral fauna of Diego Garcia lagoon following harbour construction Sheppard Charles .
The coconut or robber crab Birgus latro in the Chagos Archipelago and its captive culture at London Zoo Barnett L , Emms C .
The circulation and water exchange properties of Salomon Atoll, Chagos Archipelago Rayner R .
The Chagos Archipelago: Its Nature and the Future.
The Chagos Archipelago: an introduction Sheppard Charles , Seaward Mark , Klaus Rebecca , Topp John .

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