Marine Biological Survey at United States Navy Support Facility, Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean TerritoryAugust 2005

An extensive marine biological survey was conducted in July and August of 2004. The four primary objectives of these surveys were: 1.) Complete a rigorous assessment of marine natural resources for use in updating the Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP) for Diego Garcia. This report is intended to be included as an appendix in the INRMP, with excerpted portions included within the INRMP. 2.) Assess and evaluate the condition of marine natural resources relative to on-going and proposed operations and activities. 3.)Address the request of the British Government to provide a current, detailed evaluation of Diego Garcia?s marine natural resources, with particular emphasis on identifying existing or potential threats to those resources. 4.)Document current conditions at one of the world?s most biologically important atolls, as part of the DOD?s Coral Reef Protection Implementation Plan.
Deslarzes K , Evans L , Smith S .
Scleractnia (hard corals),Octocorallia (soft corals),Holothuroidea(sea cucumbers),Echionoidea(sea urchins),Asteroidea(starfish),molluscs(other),marine algae,fish(other)
NAVFAC Marine Survey.pdf