Herpetofaunal observations on Eagle Island, Middle Brother, North Brother and Diego Garcia, with an overview of previous records in the Chagos Archipelago

Eagle Island of the Chagos Archipelago is the second largest island of the largest coral atoll structure in the World and yet nothing is known of the island's terrestrial herpetofauna. Eagle Island was extensively surveyed for terrestrial reptiles and amphibians over a ten week period during the Chagos Ecological Restoration Project 2006. Nesting attempts of marine turtles were also recorded over the duration of the project. Herpetofaunal observations were also made on the neighbouring islands, Middle Brother and North Brother and the largest island of the archipelago Diego Garcia. Five species were encountered: green turtle Chelonia mydas, hawksbill turtle Eretmochelys imbricata, common house gecko Hemidactylus frenatus, mourning gecko Lepidodactylus lugubris and the marine toad Bufo marinus. These findings are presented with an overview of previous records of herpetofauna in the Chagos Archipelago.
Cole N .
Chagos, herpetofaunal, Eagle Island, reptile