Conservation of biodiversity and research needs in the UK dependant territories

The 13 distant Dependent Territories of the UK are known to be rich in biodiversity but baseline biological and ecological information for most of the Dependencies remains incomplete. 2. Lack of species and ecosystem inventory data currently hinders development of biodiversity conservation strategies which are needed at a time of intense development pressures. 3. Increased support for the implementation of international conservation agreements provides one important mechanism both to develop the biodiversity information base and the conservation policy appropriate for local needs. 4. Voluntary organizations both in the UK and in the Dependencies, coordinated by the UK Dependent Territories Conservation Forum, are providing much of the driving force for biodiversity research and conservation action but are limited in their capacity to undertake research. 5. There is a need for further collaborative research in many subject areas, including those indicated, and for researchers to ensure that their studies are planned to include local consultation and to ensure that their results are made available to local interests.
Oldfield S , Sheppard Charles .
biodiversity, Dependant Territories, conservation policy