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Lesser Noddies roosting on ground Nelson Island
Juvenile coral recruits Ile Fouquet
Intermediate Red-footed Booby Nelson Island
Intermediate Red-Footed Booby Ile Parasol
Ile Parasol 360
Ile Fouquet Peros Banhos Oceanside 7m
Ile Fouquet Peros Banhos Oceanside 25m
Ile Fouquet
Ile Fouque 360
Ile de la Passe Salomon atoll ocean side 20m
Ile de la Passe Salomon atoll ocean side 10m
Ile de la Passe 360
Ile Anglaise
Ile Anglais Salomons ocean side drop off 12m
Ile Anglais ocean side Acropora tables 5-10m
How do coral reefs form?
Herring shoal over coral reef South Brother
Heliotrope moth on heliotrope flowers Nelsons Island
Healthy shallow reef Middle Brother
Hawksbill turtle South Brother
Hardwood forest of Pisonia trees
Greater Frigate bird
Grapsus albolineatus crab le de la Passe
Goniopora colour morphs Ile de la Passe
Ghost crabs on Nelsons Island
Fungia coral Ile de la Passe
Fungia coral growing amongst Lobophyllia corals
Fishing in Chagos
Exploring Chagos
Eagle Island South Seaward terrace, killed
Eagle Island post-COTS algal bloom 10-15m
Diver off Ile Anglaise
Diego Garcia west shore oceanside sunset
Diego Garcia roosting Red Footed Booby
Diego Garcia Red Footed Booby
Diego Garcia East Island Hardwood Forest
Diego Garcia east hardwood forest
Diego Garcia Barton Point coconut Crab
Didemnum ascidian Nelsons Island
Dead reef slope Nelsons Island
Dead corals Nelsons Island
Danger Island Oceanside 2
Danger Island Oceanside
Ctenella chagius in Diego Garcia lagoon
Ctenella chagius at Peros Banhos
Ctenella chagius at North Barton
Ctenella chagius
Coral reef regions of the world
Coral reef at 15m Ile Fouquet
Coral Halomitra pileus

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