Top 3 Chagos Birds

Red Footed BoobyRed-footed Booby

Latin name: Sula sula

Colouration: Adults are mainly white with iconic bright red feet.

Breeding: Adults have no breeding season and can be seen with young throughout the year.

Numbers & Distribution: Can be found across the Archipelago. In May 2005 4,370 breeding pairs were counted.

Diet: Feeds on small fish caught by diving into the ocean from a great height.

Greater Frigatebird

Latin name: Fregata minor

Colouration: Adult males are all black with grey/white colouration on their chin and breast.

Breeding: This species breed continuously throughout the year.

Numbers & Distribution: Over 300+ breeding pairs, the number varies on different islands.

Diet: Mainly fish stolen from other seabirds, chasing them until they regurgitate their stomach contents.

Common White Tern

Latin name: Gygis alba

Colouration: All white, with large dark eyes and a dark grey beak.

Breeding: The breeding population in Chagos is estimated at 610 pairs.

Numbers & Distribution: Majority nest on Diego Garcia, favouring ironwood trees.

Diet: Adults fly offshore to feed on schools of small fish.