A new labrid fish of the genus Cirrhilabrus from the Chagos Archipelago Indian Ocean

A new species of labrid fish, C. rubrisquamis, is described from a single specimen 40.6 mm in standard length, which was collected in 41-48 m in the Chagos Archipelago. It is characterized chiefly by having 2 rows of scales on the cheek, 5 median predorsal scales, 16 gill rakers, a moderately large eye (3.5 in head length), a rounded caudal fin and distinctive color. The body is salmon pink dorsally with a vertically elongate red mark on each scale and 3 longitudinal white lines on the back made up of a series of dots and dashes; the head is mainly yellow dorsally, white ventrally, with a curve magenta streak on the cheek; the outer part of the dorsal fin is broadly pale yellow. This species is closely related to C. roseafascia from New Caledonia, differing in having a smaller eye, shorter caudal fin and in some features of color lacking a deep pink stripe along the back.
Randall J , Emery Alan .