Geomorphology Survey Expedition

Field of study
HMS Vidal
Ministry of Defence Hydrographic Survey
Survey Of Diego Garcia Atoll conducted by the MOD with four accompanying scientists, with the purpose of making an ecological and geographical study of the atoll and make any necessary recommendations for the conservation of the atoll. Below is a quote from Dr Stoddart’s Scientific Studies at Diego Garcia Atoll. “The present investigation was carried out during June and July 1967 by four scientists attached to a British Ministry of Defence hydro- graphic survey carried out by H.M.S. Vidal . These were Dr. H. A. Fehlmann, Smithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center, and Mr. C. F. Rhyne, Smithsonian Institution and now, the University of North Carolina, both nominated by the Smithsonian Institution; and Dr D. R. Stoddart, Cambridge University, and Dr J. D. Taylor, British Museum (Natural History), both nominated by The Royal Society. Stoddart and Taylor were on Diego Garcia from 1-29 July, Rhyne and Fehlmann from 10 June to 29 July. The purpose of the scientific party was to make a survey of the present status of the geography and ecology of the atoll and if necessary to make conservation recommendations. Responsibilities were divided as follows. Fehlmann made large collections of fish, which are being distributed by the Smithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center; he also made smaller collections of other marine groups; of birds, particularly the Little Green Heron (Ripley 1969) and the Turtledove (Benson 1970); of reptiles; and of insects. Rhyne specialised on marine algae, and also collected land plants. Stoddart studied geomorphology and sedimentology, including lagoon floor sediments, and also collected land plants. Taylor concentrated on intertidal ecology and on the lagoon reefs, collecting corals, mollusca and crustacea; he also made some terrestrial collections, notably of land mollusca and of earthworms.”
Expedition leader
Capt C R K Roe
Expedition leader email
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